Our Events

22 September, 2017 - Friday

Exclusive Offer for EO Boston Members

Dr. Srikumar Rao has made an exclusive offer for EO Boston members. Join him on September 22, 2017, in Long Island, NY, for his 3-weekend seminar, Creativity & Personal Mastery.
12 October, 2017 - Thursday

In the Boardroom with Jules Pieri, CEO and CoFounder of The Grommet

Join us for an "in the boardroom" with Jules Pieri, CEO & Co-Founder of the Grommet.
19 October, 2017 - Thursday

Jason Friedman - Creating experiences

Jason Friedman, founder and CEO of CXFormula™, helps fast-growing, entrepreneurial companies gain an unfair advantage over their competition through the art
16 November, 2017 - Thursday

Haley Foster - Deliver Messages that Matter

Hayley Foster, LLC will provide a 90-minute “The Magic of TED for Entrepreneurs” presentation.
06 December, 2017 - Wednesday

EO Learning Day - STRATEGY

Have you thought about your Business Strategy lately?
07 December, 2017 - Thursday

Connor Blakely - Enough about Millenials, Who’s GenZ?

Bring your kid(s) to this amazing event where audience members will learn how to better understand, connect with, and engage
11 January, 2018 - Thursday

In the Board Room with Larry Webber, Chairman of RacePoint

Join us for an “in the board room” with Larry Weber, founder of Racepoint Global, Inc.. Mr. Weber serves as Chief Executive Officer of W2 Group, Inc. and has been its Chairman since 2004.
20 January, 2018 - Saturday

Holiday Party

Join us for our annual holiday party that won’t disappoint.
11 February, 2018 - Sunday

Kripalu Retreat

Programs at Kripalu are led by many of the world’s most accomplished teachers in yoga...
08 March, 2018 - Thursday

EO Learning Day - PEOPLE

Have you thought about your PEOPLE lately?
29 March, 2018 - Thursday

Dandapani - Unwavering Focus, Part 2

This workshop will begin with a recap of Part 1 that took place last year. I will do a summary of the topics of understanding the mind, learning and developing concentration
01 April, 2018 - Sunday


10 May, 2018 - Thursday

Jordan Harbinger

Your work, your product and your service, no matter how exceptional, is a commodity until proven otherwise.
13 June, 2018 - Wednesday

EO Learning Day - EXECUTION

Have you thought about your BUSINESS EXECUTION lately?
16 June, 2018 - Saturday

Thompson Island Family Event

Bring your family and your shades for a fun filled day of sun, BBQ’s, games and laughter! The perfect way to kick off your summer with great company!
01 September, 2018 - Saturday

Kickoff Event - EO Biz of the Year