Event Information

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  • Event Date

    December 7, 2017

  • Time

    6:00PM – 8:30PM

  • Speaker

    Connor Blakely

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  • Capacity

    60 People

  • No Show/48 Hour Cancellation Fee


Connor Blakely – Enough about Millenials, Who’s GenZ?

Bring your teenage kid(s) to this amazing event where audience members will learn how to better understand, connect with, and engage, the worlds youngest generation, Generation Z. From changing how brands create relationships with consumers, to the workplace, and even at home, Generation Z is the most influential, diverse, unique generation we have ever seen.

Connor Blakley is a 17 year old youth marketing strategist, speaker, and founder of YouthLogic. YouthLogic specializes in helping brands better connect with, understand, and engage Generation Z. He has been featured in Business Insider, Yahoo, Forbes, Entrepreneur, BBC  and INC. A highly sought after speaker, Blakley has been invited to speak about Generation Z at companies like ATKearney, Sprint, Coca-Cola and more.He has also been invited to keynote conferences like Youth Marketing Strategy, WordPress International, Association of National Advisers, and The Brand Activation Association


“Connor Blakley is not just one of the best teenage speakers in the world, I consider him one of the best speakers I have seen period, nobody is more in tune with their generation.” – Jay Abraham

“Connor is one of the brightest business minds I have ever encountered, a savvy phenomenal marketer, he understands how brands need to shift their marketing and sales approaches to reach his generation.” – Cameron Herold