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Exclusive Educational Offer for EO Boston Members

Dr.Srikumar Rao is a Strategic Partner of EO, Boston and will be speaking at our kickoff meeting on Friday, September 15, 2017

He runs a program called Creativity and Personal Mastery (CPM) that begins on September 22 and has a special offer for all Boston EO members.

About the program: Here are the benefits you can expect if you take CPM.

  1. Stress will largely leave your life.
  2. Your relationships will improve across the board – with customers, employees, vendors and also with spouse, children, friends and relatives.
  3. You will become a more inspiring leader. People will seek your counsel
  4. Joy, genuine happiness, will appear in your life
  5. You will discover a sense of purpose that energizes you
  6. You will become far more effective and efficient at what you do
  7. You will become spontaneously creative as you find innovative solutions to the problems you face.

At this point you probably have two questions:

Question 1: Has anyone actually benefited as stated?

Answer:   Yes, absolutely. Dr. Rao works with Vistage, EO, YPO, CEO Clubs and many similar organizations. His program works (CLICK HERE to read testimonials).

Question 2: Will this work for me?

Answer: It’s impossible to know for sure but there’s only one way to find out. CLICK HERE to Read the lengthy syllabus for the program.

If the syllabus intrigues you, then the program will do it for you and more.

Praveeen Ramanathan, of Boston EO, has taken the program so feel free to check with him.

The tuition for the program is normally $9,995.00. Boston EO members, however, can enroll for $4,000.00 plus their own expenses. In addition, he has a special deal for those who wish to bring the learning back to their companies.

If you are interested, email his assistant, Janelle Light at Janelle.Light@theraoinstitute.com to set up a phone meeting.

Dates for the program are: Sep 22-24; Oct 27-29; Dec 8-10. All are weekends and meetings will be held from 6.00 p.m. on Friday till 3.00 p.m. on Sunday.

One final note: We are all busy and we let things slide. This program could have a tremendous impact on your business and your life so, at the very least, read the darn syllabus and the testimonials and book a phone call. You owe this to yourself.

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