“No Pressure” Prospecting Bootcamp

Event Date
April 11, 2018


100 Pennsylvania Ave. Suite 401, Framingham, MA 01701– You can also join this course virtually

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If you’re a Sales Leader, you probably know that your team dislikes prospecting. The excuses you hear on a daily basis, well, our clients have heard them too. If you’re a Sales Professional, you probably know that getting meetings with targeting net-new prospects is a necessary evil when building a book of business. You might be feeling that what you’re currently doing isn’t working, or, you’re not even sure where to begin the prosecting journey.

Common fears we hear from clients:

  • What do I say?
  • What if I get a “no”?
  • I don’t want to be hung up on.
  • I don’t have a talk track.

Here’s what you’ll learn in an action packed 3-hour training:

  • Prospecting best practices
  • Creating a supportive mindset and eliminating head trash
  • Creating mutual rapport and comfort with your prospect
  • Differentiating yourself during the first two (2) minutes of the phone call
  • Creating pain-based messaging
  • Uncover more opportunities with the right discovery and questioning skills
  • You’ll get objections….Learn how to overcome them
  • End the call with a clear next step

Attend in person at our Framingham Training Center or virtually through our virtual platform

Total Investment for this course: $450 per person (USE COUPON CODE: EOMember for a 20% discount)

*This course is eligible for the Workforce Training Fund grant! Find us under Course ID: 1116077 on http://workforcetrainingfund.org/

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