New Member Profile – Igor Sereda

Nickname: Don’t really have any

Where Are You From? Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Favorite Food: Anything made at home with love (I like to cook myself). Also, almost anything with raisins.

Hobbies: Playing guitar/bass




I’m a software engineer turned manager, turned entrepreneur. I grew up in Saint-Petersburg, Russia, where I graduated from ITMO University with majors in math and computer science. I started my career as a software developer and worked for a few companies in the financial technology and IT sectors, playing a number of technical and managerial roles. In 2004, I founded ALM Works, a company which builds software products for Project Portfolio Management. In 2008, ALM Works became one of the first partners of Atlassian, now a major player in the IT and enterprise software market. In 2016, ALM Works established headquarters in Newton, Massachusetts, and I relocated to the U.S. to lead the expansion. As of May 2019, ALM Works employs 47 people across the two countries and has over 4,000 customers around the globe. I’m married and have a 15-year old son.

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