New Member Profile – Tiago Janela


Where Are You From?
Lisbon, Portugal, Europe’s by the sea garden

Favorite Food
Japanese / Korean / Portuguese / Italian

Travel, Nature, Enjoying life and friends, Technology, Knowing other people’s stories, Helping others, not in any particular order

I’m a computer whiz kid. I started tearing toys apart instead of playing with them as soon as I was able to handle a screwdriver. Work and family are my passions but not necessarily in that order.

I’m the co-founder, managing partner and CTO of Bliss Applications and currently live in Boston.

Bliss Applications started in 2009 going from a startup of three to a high quality, design driven software house of fifty with an extensive portfolio of happy clients and gorgeous apps.

My engineering skills, business needs understanding, technical passion and knowledge, and leadership skills make me a fully tooled problem solver and a respected technical pivot.

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